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I'm a licensed esthetican and bridal airbrush makeup artist, who graduated from MKC Beauty Academy in Los Angeles, California. Makeup is my passion in life. I have loved doing and "playing" with makeup for as long as I can remember. I knew that once I heard No Doubt's "Magic's in the makeup" track, it inspired me to learn more about how to become a professional makeup artist and live out my dream.

Since MKC, I have accomplished my dream. I can now say that I'm a published makeup artist, my work has been in magazines such as Elite, Chicago Social and in the CD booklet for the band 'Endwell'. I've also been lucky enough to be lead makeup artist for She wants revenge ( for their music video: These Things), assist in makeup for music videos with Mest (for their music video: Kiss me Kill me) and Coheed and Cambria (for their music video: The Suffering).

I hope to continue my dream career, being able to improve in all areas and add onto my resume.


Jacksonville, FL and surrounding area Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist

I am a bridal makeup artist, that does airbrush makeup for brides and her bridal parties, I also work with models and photographers. I offer Lash Extensions. I do makeup for special events in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.


Jacksonville, FL and surrounding area Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist


Patricia De La Rosa, Glenn Gordon, David Neff, Rich Marchewka, Michael Roberts, Eliza Kostrzewa, Epic Image-Khristal K and Makila, Aiyoonee Photos-Caroline Guntur, Ralph Haseltine, Joe Branske, Chris George, Gabriel Guzman and more.



Emily, Marlee, Empress, Fernanda, Macarena, Cynthia, Bianca, Wendie, Zane, Devon, Martina, Erin, Nick James, Sheris Ford, Alicia Marie, Beth, Keegan, Raquel, Irena, Rebecca, Adia, Stacie, Cher, Faye, Jasmine, Jeremy, Lathosha, Leah, Serena, Stephanie, Suzie, Jessica and more.



Joanie (Season 6- Americas Next Top Model)
John Cena (WWE Superstar)


Film & Video

Mest- Music Video                                                                                                                     Refused TV
Assistant Makeup Artist                                                                                       Los Angeles, California

Coheed and Cambria- Music Video                                                                                        Refused TV
Assistant Makeup Artist                                                                                      Los Angeles, California

She Wants Revenge- Music Video                                                                                           Refused TV
Lead Makeup Artist                                                                                              Los Angeles, California

VOP- Fashion Show- MS Benefit
                                                                                              May 2006
Makeup Artist                                                                                                               Downers Grove, IL

Gay Games (Opening)                                                                                                           July 15, 2006
Makeup Artist                                                                                                                            Chicago, IL

ISYL- Fashion Show                                                                                                                August 2006
Lead Makeup Artist                                                                                                                   Chicago, IL



Spa Vargas School of Massage Therapy                   Massage therapy License-IL and FL-700 hours                                                                                                                                                         May 2015                                                                                                
MKC Beauty Academy                                                          Professional Makeup Artistry Certificate   
                                                                                                                                                       June 2005

National Aesthetics Institute                                                Aesthetic License AZ and IL- 750 hours   
                                                                                                                                                   August 2001

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